Saturday, May 2, 2009

Do You Like???

Well, I hope you like what you see. I've spent hours upon hours on learning (very quickly) about html and blogging lol Actually, I still have one more thing to learn and that's how to get the template changed. Thanks to Kimberly I was able to get one up that is custom. What a pain but it suuuuuuuuuuure did turn out purdy!! Thanks again Sooooo much Kimberly. You are a doll!

Ok, Off to make some more additions lol

Love and Hugz,

Friday, May 1, 2009

Making Changes

Hey Hey everybody, I bet you thought I forgot all about my little blog sitting here didn't ya?? lol Nope, I haven't. I've been busy writing some New Exclusive tuts for my most favorite group in the world.........Devine Destiny!!

If you are interested please click either of the banners
on my side bar and you will be taken to the group to apply!!

There are so many fun new projects that we have been working
hard on as well. Mere is making Exclusive Kits too!!! Whooo Hooo
You Go Girl!!

As you can see I have been busy learning how to use a blog lol
I had No Idea until I opened this one what the heck I was doing....
even now I am NOT a pro lmfao but I am getting there little
by little. I have a theme page all made too but I can't figure out
how to get it on the blog hahahahahah
OMG, I feel like an idiot!!

Keep checking back everyday as I will most Definitely be
making Noticeable Changes at da' crib here!! heehee

psssssst, I'm the racin' chic they keep crammed in a corner all the time!
And Yeah, that would be Kimberly with big ole' boobs in the way! ;-)
Love ya girl and ya know it!!!!!!!
Love and Hugz,

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Newest Creation and a Tut!!!

bf277c5b.jpg picture by LadyLibertyDezinz

My First Tute!! Whooooooo Hoooooo
Sexy Pirate Girls:
I am dedicating this tutorial to my friend Linda as she is the
one that begged me to start writing tutorials lol

For this tut you will need:
Scrap Kit Sexy Pirate by Lacarolita's Designz Please check out her wonderful site, she has tons of Great kits!!!
(Scroll down until you get a bit over half way and you will find the kit.)

One or two tubes of choice. I am using the Wonderful work of Elias Chatzoudis. Please do not use his work unless you have a license which you can get at My PSP Tubes HERE

Font of Choice, I used Z Dabble Down

My supplies HERE

Ok, let's begin:

Open up a 750x700 canvas......I like to start out big and resize and crop at the end. Flood fill with white.
From the kit grab Frame 1 and resize to liking and copy and paste it onto your canvas.
Grab your selection tool and with the rectangle select around your frame. Resize Paper of Choice (I used Paper #8) to just a bit bigger than your frame and paste as a new copy. On your Frame.......Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat. With your Eraser tool erase all the excess paper sticking outside of the frame. Deselect.
Open Paper #4 and resize. Copy and Paste as a new layer above your background layer. Colorize this paper to a blue sky color and add Mask of Choice to make you look like you have a sky and seas.
Next, resize your rainbow and sun and place them to your liking in the sky.
Open up Pirate Wheel and place it in the middle of your frame and resize to liking.
Next, open up your 3 palm trees. Resize them so each one is smaller than the next and place them on the right side of your canvas. Open up one of the parrots, resize it to liking and set on one of the tree branches.
Open up the Pink Ship and resize and place on canvas. Open Pirate Flag>resize and stick on pirate ship towards the back.
Open up Pirate Trunk and place on the canvas for tube to sit on. (I stretched mine out with the Deform Tool to make it longer) Open and resize pirate skulls of choice and paste those on the canvas on each side of the trunk.
Open your jewels>resize to liking and duplicating to desired amount.
Now open up Flowers 1 and 2>Resize and place to liking.
Open up bow of choice and place where desired.
With Sandpaper take another mask of choice to make it look like a sandy beach. Resize and copy and paste it onto your canvas below the frame layer but above your first Mask layer.
Now open up your tube of choice and place her on the trunk.
Put desired drop shadows, sparkles, and duplicate laters with a Size 12 Gaussian Blur.
Place correct Copywrite on tag and Name and we are Done!!!!!
Wasn't that fun?? lol

Please feel free to write me with any problems with the tut at or if you want to show me
Your creation I would love to see it too!!

Love and Hugz,
Judy aka LLD09'

I hope you all have a Great Easter Holiday and I will see you this evening with a written tut for the above taggie!!

Love and Hugz,

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fools Day!!

My My it has been a busy couple of days. Hopefully soon I can jump on here and get a darn tut posted for you all. I would Love to put out a GREAT BIG Thank You to Jessica from GothicInspirations today. I emailed her because I could not get 2 of her scraps to show for me in PSP9........OMG, she wrote me back in less than an hour and said she would fix them. Jessica.........You are a DOLL girlfriend!! Thank You so much for all that you do. I looooooove your work and you seem to be a Great person. Today I am going to take my crashed hard drive in and hope I can get all my goodies off it. I lost a lot of PSP stuff when it got smashed against a wall. grrrrrrr Wish me luck and I will be back soon. Thank You to Denise and Linda too who are now following my blog. I feel so "special" lol

Sunday, March 29, 2009

OMG, I did it!!!

I cannot believe this........I have created a blog lol
I'm not sure yet where I am going with it, SomeOne,
and you KNOW who you are heehee says I should
write tuts so maybe in the future you will see some
tuts from me!!!